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Oldje 356

Today the 356 class was in session at the university and the teacher was like always extreeeeemely boring. As a few College class started giggling and fooling around throughout the class he dismissed them, since they were such pain in the ass. But what the old je guy didn’t know was that the ladies were plotting some things in their slutty little minds. Seemed like they were eager to find out if one of them had what it took to breathe some spirit in the old man after class. And you can imagine just how they planned to do that. Seems that Mia was the one that they all decided on staying after hours to tend to the teacher’s cock so check out the entire grandpa porn update and see what happened next! So sure enough when the bell wrung and everyone was packing their stuff, Mia stayed behind in her bench, surprising the teacher as he was about to leave the class when he saw her looking at him in a very cute way. He asked her why she stayed behind and she raised out of the bench, and while making her way to the door, she told him she was looking for some special after hours tutoring, as she also locked the door. This was the point of no return as the teach felt her hands unbuttoning his shirt and pants while kissing him. So suffice to say that the two got into a very awesome and hard style sex session right then  and there on the desk. Take a peek at the gallery of them fucking and see how the teach changed his ways of teaching for good.

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