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Gold digger

This old guy is what you call an old school gold digger  hailing from a long line of ancestors that came around the area to dig for gold. Well today old je caught up with him as he seemed to be getting himself into some trouble today. Seems like he was doing his digging today on the terrain of a public park and well, you know that that type of land is protected by law and you’re not allowed to modify the landscape there. Well some people saw him doing his thing there and decided to report him to the local authorities. Sure enough not one half hour later a representative came down to the place to asses the situation. It looks like she’s a stunning blonde with long legs to die for. The old guy didn’t know what to do when she came to question him, but part of him reacted to her natural beauty. She is looking great, just like the chicks from the nuru network blog! So it wasn’t long before he was trying to put the moves on our fair lady. Seems like it worked since the woman took of her clothes and started working on that old timer’s cock like a pro. Such a refreshing day for the guy, since he got to stick his cock in a fresh pussy and he got away with just a warning too.


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