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Abbie gets caught

Abbie seems to be a hot lady that’s also an aspiring thief. Well Abbie cat is about to get her first real lesson on what happens to evil doers as she’s never been caught thus far. She made her way into the office of the CEO of what seemed to be a closed after hours office building. And she knew that people shouldn’t be around at this hour around there and there’s bound to be a safe with a hefty sum of money just waiting for her to take it. And sure enough as she was mid way through cracking open the safe to take out the money the lights went on and none other that the CEO caught her in the act. So for this sex session she thought about an idea how to get out of trouble on the spot. Seems like her plan worked as the old man was naked and having his cock sucked by her faster than you can say cat burglar. Wanna see other sweet babes sucking cocks? If you do, check out the http://girlsdoporn.org/ site!


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