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Cleaning with Lilly

Last updated: October 17th 2016
This old guy has a new cleaning lady, and what an amazing sexy babe she is! In this video you are going to see that Lilly has an innocent pretty face and a very hot body with a nice bubble but and perky little tits. What his new boss doesn’t know yet about her, is that she is a little nympho obsessed about sex and she loves fucking old guys like him. But as you are going to see in this old je video gallery, he will find out soon that Lilly is going to do a lot more then cleaning his house.

After she starts teasing him by flaunting her sexy tits and wiggling her cute ass, she takes off all her clothes for him. He is not wasting the time and starts kissing her and touching her sexy body, then he starts licking her sweet wet pussy making her moan in pleasure. She is going to repay him with an amazing blowjob, then she rides his hard cock until he blows his load on her face and in her mouth! Have fun watching this amazing video and check out our galleries!

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Gym Drill scene

Today’s video update brings you the naughty gym goer Cathy and her adventure this lovely afternoon with a older guy that was suppose to be he trainer for this session. Turns out that the lovely teen Cathy caught the old je guy’s eye with her luscious and firm curves. She seemed to be pretty inexperienced in her routine so he decided to go over to her and offer to give her some pointers for her workout. Sure enough as she was bending and flexing all around the place, the old guy got really turned on at the sight of her body. She caught him eyeing her and straight up asked him if there’s a more secluded part of the gym where they could ‘Work out” in private. And he took her to another wing where there were no other people. She got undressed and the sight was simply amazing, such a perfect body on this super sexy teen could not be left to go to waste without properly hammering her pussy first. Take a look at how they got to fucking all over the place and in al, sorts of crazy positions and see the old guy get his man pole wet inside the lady’s eager and horny pussy. We are sure you’ll enjoy it and we await your return when we’ll have more horny teens taking advantage of old men to have their way with them. Until next time, enjoy everyone! For similar content, check out this great 69 scene!

Fixing it scene

When Gabriela is horny, then she needs to find a victim on the spot. And you she found one in today’s oldje movies update. Seems like her plumbing went haywire and she had to call in a repair man. But as we told you she started getting horny before the guy arrived. So she started a nice little quick finger fucking session while checking out some porn on her laptop until he arrived. Sure enough he reached her place, but she wasn’t done yet. So now she was kind of pissed. She showed him what was wrong and he started his work as she returned to her room to continue her session. But as she kept on watching and fingering her pussy she kept wanting more and more for a cock to slam her tight and wet teen pussy. Not being able to help herself anymore, naked as she was she strolled right next to the guy and started kissing him. She may not be experienced but she sure learned quick as her eager pussy and mouth were all over the guy’s cock the whole time. So cum inside and see Gabriela working hard on that cock the whole afternoon. Don’t forget that you can find similar hardcore sex videos inside the http://www.teamskeet.eu/ blog!

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The new boyfriends

Rebecca and Valery got their slutty little hands on a pair of new boyfriends that are way older than them. Well it seems that the guys have no problem keeping up with their energetic teen partners as they’re always ready with their rock hard cocks to please them. Today Rebecca and Valery got them to go with them at a motel for a night of wild group sex. Well the two always did everything together since they were little so when they started having sex it was no different. Seems it’s a habit they’re not too fond of letting go. So long story short they wanted to do something special for the guys and treat them to a night where they would receive all the special treatment they want from the two horny women. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the two as they start off with a nice and passionate blow job session getting the cocks rock hand and nice and wet for the pussy penetration that was about to follow soon. If you’re looking for similar hardcore sex videos and pics, enter the http://www.nachovidalhardcore.net/ site! We know for sure that you’ll enjoy every picture in this gallery of theirs and you can be sure we’ll be back soon with more too.


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Oldje 356

Today the 356 class was in session at the university and the teacher was like always extreeeeemely boring. As a few College class started giggling and fooling around throughout the class he dismissed them, since they were such pain in the ass. But what the old je guy didn’t know was that the ladies were plotting some things in their slutty little minds. Seemed like they were eager to find out if one of them had what it took to breathe some spirit in the old man after class. And you can imagine just how they planned to do that. Seems that Mia was the one that they all decided on staying after hours to tend to the teacher’s cock so check out the entire grandpa porn update and see what happened next! So sure enough when the bell wrung and everyone was packing their stuff, Mia stayed behind in her bench, surprising the teacher as he was about to leave the class when he saw her looking at him in a very cute way. He asked her why she stayed behind and she raised out of the bench, and while making her way to the door, she told him she was looking for some special after hours tutoring, as she also locked the door. This was the point of no return as the teach felt her hands unbuttoning his shirt and pants while kissing him. So suffice to say that the two got into a very awesome and hard style sex session right then  and there on the desk. Take a peek at the gallery of them fucking and see how the teach changed his ways of teaching for good.

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Hot French teen gets anal sex

This babe is of French origin and she came to the US to teach some dirty dancing to all kinds of people. Today after her class finished however and older male made his appearance and he apologized for missing the whole thing. No problem said to him the teen lady, telling him that she could do a special after hours lesson just for him. And as they started, the lady was teaching him a dance and things started getting wild. Seemed like the guys was getting turned on more and more and she decided to switch to some classy tango music. She was impressed with the sturdiness that he held her in his arms all the time. And soon she couldn’t resist the temptation taking off his clothes and being all over him. So cum inside and watch as this teen teacher give a special lesson in fucking too to the old man. See you soon everyone! Until then check out the http://digitalplayground.me/ site and see other gorgeous chicks sucking and riding big fat cocks!

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Spring fever

Remember the guy with the digging in illegal areas? well seems that the blonde woman was back and she had spring fever today planning to have more fun with him. So she took the guy back to the park where everything started. And how could he decline the long haired beauty’s request for a outing, that would surely end with some nice and hard style pussy pounding. It seems that the woman was quite impressed by the old je old guy’s stamina and she wanted to see if he had it in him to fuck her the whole afternoon. So without further delays we present to you the wild fuck fest that went on between the two love birds in the park this afternoon. Watch them as the woman bends over and presents the guy with her round and perky ass all ready to take a cock pounding. Enjoy everyone and don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside the girlsoutwest.org site, so check it out and see some gorgeous amateurs getting nailed!


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Examination day

Today we have a classy examination day with the hot college teen Patsy taking her extra special after exam with the head dean of her university. As you know here at old je we always aim to bring you the best and sexiest ladies getting their moves on with older guys. Anyway returning to the scene, the cute lady Patsy was invited by the dean himself to his office to get a treat for finishing her last year of college with flying colors. Well since she was doing really bad, later in the year it seemed that she was turning around her whole bad grades situation, and it was all because of the dean’s “hard” work. Looks like all it took for this hottie to get better grades was good old fashion fucking. So because of her hard work, today she’s getting her final meeting with the dean to get her last prize. As she stepped into his office it didn’t take long for her to take off her ceremonial robes and start working on the eager old man’s cock. So take a look inside and see the nice and rough sex session they shared in this lovely after party just for two. Even Patsy finds it kind of amazing how the dude can still keep up with her insatiable appetite for sex every time they meet. Sadly it’s the last time the two will meet so she’s naturally wondering if she’s ever going to get fucked so good ever again. If you’re looking for similar content, click here and watch other lucky old men fucking some gorgeous teens!


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Gold digger

This old guy is what you call an old school gold digger  hailing from a long line of ancestors that came around the area to dig for gold. Well today old je caught up with him as he seemed to be getting himself into some trouble today. Seems like he was doing his digging today on the terrain of a public park and well, you know that that type of land is protected by law and you’re not allowed to modify the landscape there. Well some people saw him doing his thing there and decided to report him to the local authorities. Sure enough not one half hour later a representative came down to the place to asses the situation. It looks like she’s a stunning blonde with long legs to die for. The old guy didn’t know what to do when she came to question him, but part of him reacted to her natural beauty. She is looking great, just like the chicks from the nuru network blog! So it wasn’t long before he was trying to put the moves on our fair lady. Seems like it worked since the woman took of her clothes and started working on that old timer’s cock like a pro. Such a refreshing day for the guy, since he got to stick his cock in a fresh pussy and he got away with just a warning too.


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Abbie gets caught

Abbie seems to be a hot lady that’s also an aspiring thief. Well Abbie cat is about to get her first real lesson on what happens to evil doers as she’s never been caught thus far. She made her way into the office of the CEO of what seemed to be a closed after hours office building. And she knew that people shouldn’t be around at this hour around there and there’s bound to be a safe with a hefty sum of money just waiting for her to take it. And sure enough as she was mid way through cracking open the safe to take out the money the lights went on and none other that the CEO caught her in the act. So for this sex session she thought about an idea how to get out of trouble on the spot. Seems like her plan worked as the old man was naked and having his cock sucked by her faster than you can say cat burglar. Wanna see other sweet babes sucking cocks? If you do, check out the http://girlsdoporn.org/ site!


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